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Sizing Program of TOYO Automation

The professional “Sizing Program” of TOYO is helping both experienced engineers and general users
to do the product selection and project evaluation quickly, easily and dependably.For all who using
TOYO sizing program, it is a must to understand and agree the following treaties:
1.Puroose of using TOYO sizing program

The results (selected products) of the sizing program only can be applied to the devices ,
modules, or machines made by TOYO.


The copyright of sizing program is owned by TOYO AUTOMATION CO., LTD. Without permission and notification of TOYO, any third party CAN NOT copy, modify, sell, provide or publish the content of this sizing program for any purpose of usage. However, all the drawings from this sizing program can
be applied to the range of treaty no. 1 in this article.


TOYO will not be responsible for the loss of data, profit, repair, or other specific and additional
…etc. caused by anyone who use TOYO sizing program through any specific third parties.

4.NO guarantee

TOYO cannot guarantee the suitability, commercial property and reliability of the selected and
calculated result from sizing program. The selected and calculated results are based on the condition
input by the user under the normal and standard enviorment.

The selected result will be changed depending on the actual using status like environment,
conditions and maintenance…etc. The status of equipment, the deviation of components and defomation…etc. which will affect the loading capacity are not considered in this sizing

Before using TOYO sizing program, please agree above treaties.

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